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EVAC Lunar Observation Program
Last Updated:   15-Dec-12
EVAC (East Valley Astronomy Club) has several "observation" programs for its members. One of them is the Lunar Observing Program, where you must observe about 90 different "Seas" (Mare's), Mountain Ranges, Craters, and other well known astronomical locations on the lunar surface. I found a good book to use as a reference, and "map" as it were. The book was "New Atlas of the Moon", by Thierry Legault and Serge Brunier. The book had detailed images of each day of the lunar cycle, with an overlay page that identified the major landmarks that were appearing that day. I decided to image the moon each night as I observed the new areas, and built the above display to add to my report to the EVAC Observation Coordinator. Return to Astronomy Home Return to EVAC Programs