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EVAC Herschel II Observation Program
Last Updated:   15-Dec-12
There are two (2) Observing Indexes for this program. The RCA-AL Herschel II NGC Index with links to observation sheets can be found  HERE. The normal EVAC Spreedsheet Observing Index with links to observation sheets can be found HERE. This project opened in April 2013, and is still ongoing. The latest “update” date is shown on the Herschel II NGC Index, linked to above. From the Astromical League’s Herschel II Program Informataion Page: Welcome to the Astronomical League's Herschel II Program. This program was added in August 1997. Consisting of 400 of the 2,478 deep sky objects catalogued by William Herschel in the late 1700's, the Herschel II is the next level observing project after the Ancient City Astronomers' Herschel 400 program. The Herschel II observing program is an advanced level project focused on improving observers' technical skills by taking thorough field notes and developing accurate technical object descriptions. Most of the objects are between magnitude 11 and 13. In the data gathering phase of the project, approximately 80% of the objects on the list were observed with scopes between 8" and 13" aperture The focus of the Herschel II Observing guide is the taking of thorough field notes and developing them into complete, technically accurate, object descriptions. Observe the 400 objects listed in this manual and record your observations. Develop object descriptions that will include at a minimum: Date Time Site Seeing Transparency Instrument Eyepiece Equipment (Camera) Object descriptions of the 400 objects in your own words. The collection of objects can be broken down into the following categories: Nebula (Misc): 21 Clusters/Nebula 3         Planetary Nebula 9 Galaxies: 323 Open Clusters: 41 Globular Clusters: 3 ----------- Total Objects: 400 Return to Astronomy Home Return to EVAC Programs